How to be found by your local audience and increase your sales . . .

For most online businesses, being found in your local market area makes more sense than being found globally. It means getting a far better result in searches by keywords relevant to your area, town or city.

How can a business, with a limited budget, be found locally? There was a time when getting listed in the local yellow pages and business directories was enough that is not true not anymore…

Recent studies indicate that people are abandoning printed yellow pages and business directories all together. The world is going away from the printed word ads. Newspapers have dropped and continues to fall. In fact, today more people go online to get news updates, stock quotes, weather reports virtually everything. Google is a huge resource for finding local businesses just like yours. Google is become the new phone book.

According to a recent study, approximately 90% of buyers do research online before purchasing locally. This will only increase with Internet access expanding into mobile phones and other devices in the future and even now.

Local SEO is the solution!

Local SEO is the perfect starting point for small business owners who wish to enjoy the benefits of the Internet with out spending a large amount of money. (You most likely will spend less than the costs incurred in getting listed in printed yellow pages and directories!)

The Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO gets you found when someone is looking for something that you offer in your town or city. The results are that you get more:

  • Foot traffic to your physical location
  • Prospective calls and
  • Prospective emails

Web Designer in Sentersoft has invested years in perfecting its SEO technology. Through research, and a solid eight years of experience in search engine marketing, we’ve refined our processes to deliver the highest benefits for each dollar spent.

We start right away implementing exactly the right strategies from day one. We make our processes transparent, measure and report progress continually, and expand and refine methodically. In fact, if you study our site, you’ll see that we’re famous for these values.

Given the variety of our programs and our unique experience, Sentersoft offers SEO that is more than just a technical solution. We see each project as a consulting opportunity and work with you each step of the way not only to promote you in the search engines, but to develop your overall online marketing plan.

The WCC Local SEO package
  • Submission to the local listings of the TOP PLAYERS (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Submission to the local listings of the OTHER MAJOR players
  • Submission to the top online classifieds (that deliver localized results)
  • Submission to local search engines
  • Submission to local online yellow pages
  • Submission to local directories
  • Submission to data providers
  • Submission to local BBB
  • Submission to local Chamber of commerce
  • Submission to local Merchant Association

In all, we will list your business with more than 50 of the top localized directories and local search engines those that feed the rest of the local search crawlers.

Apart from the above, there will be three very powerful activities that are known to only a few people in the industry. These strategies give an unparalleled impetus to promoting your local listings in the search engines. We will discuss these with you when we get in touch.